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QA Software testing training | Software tester job placement – INPTC Rajkot and Vadodara

Live Software Testing Project Training + Jobs

  • Software testing is a synchronization of interactive processes which are performed on a software or system to analyze whether it meets the specifications & expectations, and delivers the exact results. Software testing is executed in various phases of product life cycle such as coding, designing, user acceptance to requisite specifications.

    Make a career with QA Software testing

    Software testing is also known as QA (quality assurance). If you want to make career in this field, you must have base for mathematics and technicalities. There are lots of job opportunities in this field because understanding and analysis of web applications and software is becoming essential with technology becomes more automated each day.

Quality Software testing training at INTPC

INPTC offers the most advance Software testing training that aids students to develop skills pertaining to running processes for scanning quality of software based products and services to ensure that they are flawless and bug-free. Our experienced faculty provide live project training in order to emphasize on both, the theoretical aspects and practical guidelines which is very much helpful to students to accelerate a captivating career in the burgeoning field of QA testing.

  • Why choose us?

    • Comprehensive program content
    • Internal assessments to keep track of your understanding of the techniques
    • Post placement real time job support
    • Interactive and live training
  • Outcomes of the Course

    After the completion of the course, Students are able to develop profound technical and analytical skills for testing the software and applications. They will also have strong expertise for quality assurance and required knowledge of programming for carrying out various types of unit testing.