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INPTC provide placement in following area

  • Web Designer: Recently in the world of IT industry web designer designation requirements having good scope as web development companies needed web designer. We provide appropriate offer to one concern as web designer with key skills of design creative innovative web pages to represent web application in well organized manner, with proper structural representations.

    PHP Developer: We welcome php developer having specific knowledge of php web development and also crystal clear strategy to do build web applications using php web development technology and also concern user friendly result, high quality code and desired outcomes as per requirements and out of expectations and developer having good hand on work with core php model view controller architecture framework and also on content management system.

    ASP.NET Developer: Active server pages of Microsoft dot net technology web developer having good demand in the world of IT so we offer to ASP.NET web developer having good hand on web development using ASP.NET web development technology and works to deliver their best and meet to objectives with crystal clear strategy of developing web application with high quality of code user friendly outcomes of build web applications web forms and mvc based applications.

    Android Developer: Low powered devices like mobile phones and PDAs application software were built which is known as Mobile Application Development Android technology is use widely in world of IT. Developers welcome by us who include development of framework which concentrate on quick Mobile App Development and also introduce the best resources to develop mobile app with high functional activities and develop android app that’s automatically adopt proper user interface to look best in every screen.

    iPhone Developers: INPTC offer job to I phone developers who perfectly create mobile solutions for businesses to use the mobile device and other screen use for communication channel that provide platform for business growth and offer lot more as per requirement and used to create an app that offers personalized services and product by analysis, integrate social network to offer the customer chance to communicate with other and share required data or multimedia with other, integrate API for multitasking, games and camera as well as new API that take benefits of the effective new capabilities of latest IOS screens and used to test compatibility for deliver user friendly results that supported in excepted devices and models of I-phone.

    SEO: SEO get opportunity having knowledge of how to work when web application or web site need to optimize when they search in search engine using keyword of pages of entire application how to optimize that page with proper practice to do optimization and knowledge of how to get traffic from the lists on search engine’s natural result for targeted audience, and more frequently site appear on the search result list, which may image search, local search, video search.

    Open Source Developer and Customizer: Opens source developer and customizer having prior knowledge of development using content management systems like Joomla drupal Magento word press. Joomla developer uses object oriented concepts with model view controller web application development framework that stores data into MySQL, Postgre Sql database.