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SEO live project training | SEO analyst job placement – INPTC Rajkot and Vadodara

SEO Project Training

  • Whether it's a small online business or giant corporation, Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a top priority for each and each entrepreneur. SEO not only enhances a websites’ visibility in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, it also essential to enhance a company's online presence and brand. Search engine is the ultimate source of traffic for any kind of website so main objective of SEO is to improve ranking of your website in search engine for keywords which are searched by maximum people on web.

    Importance of SEO in Career point of view

    In current cut-throat competition era, Any newly launched website has to do too much efforts to gain more and more relevant traffic and make productive online business and by promoting it across the globe. SEO is the most powerful and cost-effective online promotion technique compare to other methods such as pay-per click, purchase e-mail marketing, social media advertising, TV commercials and other kinds of traditional marketing.

    SEO offers a good return on investment so no-one can ignore this. Thus, SEO professionals who have strong expertise with advance tricks are always in demand for outsourcing IT companies and online business owners. You can also earn smart income at home by doing lots of small tasks related to SEO promotion available in freelancing websites.

Expertise of INPTC in SEO online training

The unique advantage of SEO training at INPTC is this training program is designed in a manner that any kind of students can learn it and become expert online marketer whether they have completed graduation or not. This training program begins with basic fundamental of internet, HTML and search engine and hot its work. Training is provided by experienced SEO experts who have vast experience in IT Company so they make aware students about current market trends and guide with some secret and smart trick of SEO promotion to get result in short span of period.

  • Major features of this training program

    • Practical session is organized on live projects to grasp the real time challenges.
    • Comprehensive course structure designed by following latest Google algorithm
    • Google Ad word & Ad sense and Social media marketing concepts are givenn on special emphasis.
    • Individual attention is given to each and every student.